Rome Guide

Our Guide to Rome and Trip Planner is written by the Team at Italy-Accom, all locals who add their tips and insights into Rome living as well as many insider tips to help you Plan Your Trip and choose the right apartment in Rome.

Getting the most out of your Rome Vacation: If you're visiting Rome and Italy for the first time you may be a little surprised at some of the ways of the Italian people, the streets may be untody and dirty, the locals do not always follow rules or laws, they are likely to try pushing in if there is a formed line at the post office, the traffic may seem chaotic and so on. But, instead of getting angry, all you really need to do is take a look at how happy the locals are, they are the happiest people most of us have ever known. Italians live life to the full, they know how to enjoy simple pleasures like a gelato on a hot day, a simple walk in the early evening dressed to the nines ending with an aperitivo in an outdoor cafe, dinner with friends in a simple trattoria on a small cobblestoned street. So, join them!

Read Italy's regulations for Tourists: that may answer some of your immigration and customs questions before you arrive in Rome.

Italian Holiday Rentals : reality check ! Are your expectations of Rome holiday Rentals realistic? You will be renting an apartment or villa that is in a building that is likely to be two or three hundred years old, these buildings are extremely charming and although the apartment in Rome may be newly renovated you cannot reasonably expect things to function exactly as they do at home.

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